SGL To Train 1,000 Rice Farmers In Three Months

SGL To Train 1,000 Rice Farmers In Three Months

December 5, 2020 0

The boot camp seeks to achieve a truly food independent Nigeria as it would be training 1,000 farmers for three months on the farm. This is 100 percent practical farming. The secrets behind obtaining massive harvests is set to be revealed. 

Punch reports, One of Nigeria’s foremost agribusiness companies, SGL Farms, has said that it seeks to achieve a truly food independent country by training 1,000 farmers for three months on the farm.

The firm noted that Nigerians had an opportunity to invest in the agriculture sector, despite the economic recession occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SGL added that its company was built on the passion and belief that Nigeria must work.

It said, “Although our major focus is on ensuring sustainable food production, it is a fact that no single individual or organisation can supply all our needs as a nation.  With a population rising without concrete plans in place, food security cannot be overemphasised, hence the need for coming together to salvage our dear nation.

“Waiting for the government to do it all would spell doom. The time to act is now. We are offering an excellent opportunity to profit big during the current dry season. This is the time of year when most farmers rest. But the motivated farm can boost operations during the dry season to take advantage of much higher market prices.

“Modern farming requires fertilisers, herbicides and irrigation. These are key to plant survival and getting desirable results.

“Many investors only paid in installments. With Nigeria entering recession, things are only becoming harder economically. These investors are unable to fulfill their pledges. You can mop up all these unpaid plots and earn as much in just four months as most investors would in six months.

“As a company established on the sole goal to see a better and totally food independent Nigeria, we are launching another initiative into the new year. Nigeria has what it takes to produce its own food and even export its excess. Lack of right training and understanding has been a major disaster both on the side of government and individuals.


Adzer Iwanger
Adzer Iwanger
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