20 Business Ideas In The Nigerian Fashion Industry

20 Business Ideas In The Nigerian Fashion Industry

August 15, 2020 0

Nigeria’s fashion industry is one of the most thriving in Africa. It is continuously evolving and becoming a notable industry worldwide. The business of fashion is exploding fast, and you may just want to hop aboard. The business ideas that can be ventured into under this industry are endless. Below is a summary of business ideas in the Nigerian Fashion industry x-raying that you can venture into and become a fashion entrepreneur 

1. Fashion Blogging  

Fashion blogging is still a current trend, and it involves a wide range of activities such as tailoring tutorials, to sourcing affordable material stores. You could even teach how to combine outfits for various occasions, combine various colours or how best to handle patterned materials. There are some already established fashion bloggers – Igee Okafor, Hadiza Lawal , Grace Alex, Maryam Salam amongst others. 

2. Starting an Online Design School

A lot of people want to learn fashion designing but cannot afford it or do not have a flexible timetable that would enable them to engage in it full time. Be affordable for a start; make sure your classes are planned and informative. 

3. Making Children’s Clothing

If you decide to go into children’s clothing, you must give your prospective customers a reason to patronize you. Children’s wears can be costly and scarce, depending on your location. Making your goods affordable and of high quality would get you the customers you desire.

4. Owning a Clothing Line

Owning a clothing line involves creating a collection of clothes that serve a particular purpose and in some cases, pass a specific message. This is a very classy and lucrative option if you can create a system to facilitate sales through publicity.

5. Clothe Rentals

Designers rent out some very elaborate outfits to people for occasions, mostly things that cannot be worn regularly. Having a stash of elaborate and valuable clothing would come in handy when starting a clothing rental service.

6. Making of Handbags

Another great idea in the fashion industry is making handbags. You can make bags generally or make a particular kind of bag. Materials like leather and ankara are popular when it comes to bag making. 

7. Production of Wedding Gowns and Bridal Accessories

If you desire to go into this area of the fashion industry, there is a substantial market for you, considering how many people get married weekly. In executing this business idea, you must be creative and learn to pay attention to details. 

8. Open a Boutique

A boutique is a typical fashion sales outlet, and any entrepreneur can easily open one without much stress. The major requirements for this business are a strategically situated store and good clothes for sale. You can decide to specialize in men, women, children or baby clothes or just sell all kinds of clothes. Your store must be organized and ready for display.

9. Selling Perfume

This business is simple to start and doesn’t necessitate owning a shop or having a workspace you can always order and sell from your phone.

10. Starting an Online Retail Store

To start an online retail store, you need to open a social media account on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. Build your followers by making authentic and interactive posts. The more traffic you generate, the more sales you are likely to make.

11. Fashion Designing

Knowledge of how to sew clothes and do so creatively is crucial. Being a talented tailor, you should know what suits every body type and have them readily available. I would like to add that you should try and meet deadlines, do not join the bandwagon of tailors who disappoint their customers.

12. Retailing of Corporate Outfits

Getting a supplier who has affordable corporate wear such as shirts, pant trousers, suits, skirts etc. you can sell at retail price is needed for this business. You need not rent a shop in the early stage of your business, going to offices to advertise your goods would generate sales.

13. Become a Make-up Artist

An essential part of fashion today is make-up artistry. This can be self-taught or learnt from an experienced make-up artiste. The major challenge people have in starting this business is how expensive good products can be. Buying in bits and pieces while you learn is the best way to equip yourself. Buying everything is burdensome for most people.

14. Become a Jewelry Retailer

Both men and women accessorize, becoming their plug would now depend on market tactics. Sell things that are not overly expensive, and you are sure people would like. 

15. Make Native attires

Nigerians love wearing their indigenous outfits; you can start making native wears and put them for sale at reasonable prices.

16. Retail wristwatches 

A wristwatch is one thing a lot of people do not go out without. Sell wristwatches from designer brands and make reasonable gains in return.

17. Open a Costume shop

A costume shop for people to rent or buy outfits for various occasions, it can be for a themed party or an event at school. Rent costumes out and charge a damage fee for anything tampered with.

18. Become a Fashion Consultant

To execute this business idea, you should be well-grounded in fashion and have good communication skills. You need to be able to prove your worth and make a name for yourself to attract clients.

19. Become a Model

Modelling is an essential part of fashion, and it is not restricted to just slim, tall ladies. Although runway models have some specifications, brands still need face models and other kinds of models. If you are interested in modelling, find out what physical features you have going for you and utilize them.

20. Start an Underwear Retail business

You can become an entrepreneur by selling underwears such as camisoles, bras, pants, corsets and waist trainers at retail prices. 

Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
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