7 Web Conferencing Tools Every Business Owner Should Know

7 Web Conferencing Tools Every Business Owner Should Know

April 8, 2020 3

Web conferencing is fast becoming one of the most cost-efficient and time-saving ways of holding meetings in these times. This is majorly due to the world evolving and fast becoming a global village. Business web conferencing has proven to save both time and money because meetings are held in real-time despite the location of the attendees. As we save time, we increase productivity. 

Remote employees heavily use video conferencing as well as companies working with overseas clients and customer service personnel. Web conferencing has replaced traditional phone calls in many instances. For small businesses, premium options should be considered. Making use of the correct application is paramount as certain features are necessary for your web conferencing.


Zoom is one of the most frequently used video conferencing services on the market. Zoom offers online meetings, both scheduled and ad hoc using personal meeting rooms, video webinars and conference rooms. It can also do audio calls and instant messaging. It has mobile apps for IOS and Android. You can even record meetings and save to the cloud. It accommodates up to 1,000 participants and 10,000 viewers.


Skype is one of the oldest video calling app. Over the years, however, skype has added a large number of features and functionality so that it is a viable option for both individuals and businesses especially since the company was acquired by Microsoft. Skype offers options for users on laptops, mobile devices but the company also supports Xboxes and Amazon’s Alexa. Skype features HD video calling live subtitles, screen sharing and recording. Skype charges different rates for different services, so much you pay depends on the type of calls and conferencing you need.


Hangouts Meet is a business-friendly tool, however, to use this software you would need a G-suite account, it allows you to hold live video conferences. The number of people you can host for your online video conferences varies. With a G suite enterprise, you can host up to 100 people while G suite basic you can host up to 25  and with business up to 50 people. Depending on the number of participants you want to engage in the meeting, you can tailor your package according to the figure. 


This software is designed specifically for online meetings. It includes a toll-free option to make your meetings more accessible. Set up a personal meeting room with your own URL. Share your desktop in real-time, so your attendees can see exactly what you’re talking about. Record your meeting and store in the cloud. You can also download a free trial video conferencing software that hosts up to 20 participants. 


Zoho’s meeting tool can be used for both online meetings and larger presentations. You can schedule meetings in advance or start them immediately. You also get access to audio, video, and screen sharing features as well as recording if necessary. This is so suitable for business owners because of its features.


This software gives you a free platform for hosting meetings online. You can set up a URL and then invite people to join your meetings as needed. It is the perfect tool for businesses that need a flexible solution or small teams that may need to start teams that may need to set up impromptu meetings fairly regularly.


Amazon chime is easy to use and wouldn’t take up most of your time. It is secure and there’s nothing to deploy or manage which means you can focus on running and growing your business instead of trying to figure out how people far away can access your conference call. It offers calls, chat and content sharing capabilities both inside and outside your organization.

Let’s hear from you below, which of these tools do you use?

Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
Ilashe Otuogbai
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